Seeker Creates Seeker Indie, a Short-Form Virtual Film Festival for Science Filmmakers

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March 3, 2021

Seeker Indie Trailer available here.

SAN FRANCISCO – (March 3, 2021) – Seeker, the #1 science brand on mobile in the U.S. [Nielsen DCR, 2020] is launching a short-form virtual film festival, Seeker Indie. Seeker Indie highlights up-and-coming science filmmakers with short/mid-form documentaries that educate audiences about science in nature and the impact humans have on our planet on March 3, 2021.

Documentaries widen our aperture, offering new perspectives that help shape our worldview. The inaugural Seeker Indie is a curated showcase of short films about our planet, the incredible creatures living in it, the communities trying to save it, and the scientists working to preserve it. The lineup is designed to engage viewers in meaningful, solutions-focused conservation dialogue.

“We’re thrilled to bring to life an editorial pillar that spotlights emerging creative talent in the conservation media community,'' said Seeker’s General Manager and Chief Content Officer, Caroline Smith. “As a brand, Seeker is focused on bringing new perspectives to the climate preservation dialogue. Our global audience of changemakers craves content that informs, inspires and is solutions-focused. The films featured in Seeker Indie help further those conversations and allow our viewers to take tangible action on the individual, community and global level.

The Seeker audience is twice more likely than the average viewer to engage with documentary content, and Seeker’s documentary content to date has garnered nearly 60M lifetime views and 250M minutes watched.

Eight films will live on the new Seeker Indie platform, and films will be released weekly across Seeker’s full social landscape.

A list of the films participating can be found below.

1. Chasing Ghosts, Produced and Directed by Eric Bendick, Grizzly Creek Films
In the rugged, and dangerous Florida swampland grows a delicate flower known as the Ghost Orchid. This rare species has been taunting the biological community for decades since no one has ever actually seen this flower’s pollinator before; not even Charles Darwin. In this doc, we travel with a crew driven by obsession to find out the secrets of the ghost orchid and...they come across a few surprises.

2. The Snow Guardian, Produced and Directed by Morgan Heim, Day’s Edge Productions
Billy lives in complete isolation in the snowy mountains of Colorado. It’s a peaceful, quiet life he’s lived for decades and, yet, he might be one of the key contributors to understanding climate change. In this short piece, we get to know the “Snow Guardian” and how his records have helped Rocky Mountain Biological Lab in Colorado track the evolution of climate on our planet.

3. Beyond the Mauna, Produced and Directed by Carter Lau and Dustin Heger, Chapman University
The battle for Mauna Kea summit still rages on as scientists want to build the largest ground telescope of its kind and the indigenous community aims to preserve their sacred land. In this documentary, we follow the young native scientist that wants to expand her roots to beyond the stars and the voices that fight to keep their right to the summit.

4. Disappearing Penguins, Directed by Maarten Van Rouveroy, Greenpeace International
On a remote island of the Antarctic are thousands of penguins. Too many to least you think there are. We follow an expedition crew whose entire job is to count the breeding population of the chinstrap penguin. These little birds are part of an important and delicate ecosystem and if we see a decline in their species, we might see it decline everywhere else.

5. A Natural Code, Directed by Cristina Ceuca, UWE Bristol
There are patterns that cover this entire planet, and in those patterns we can find clues to how the natural world is built. In this documentary, we explore how mathematicians and biologists use the famous ‘Turing Patterns” for their conservation efforts across the globe.

6. Part of the Pack, Produced and Directed by Emily Cross
South Africa is filled with all kinds of animals, but how many of you have heard of the African Wild Dog –also known as the African Painted dog – because of its unique coat. You may have not heard of them because this species has been seen as a pest to the region, so much so, they’ve been hunted to near extinction. But now, conservationists are working towards building the pack's biodiversity and, ultimately, saving the species.

7. Guardians of the River, Directed by Shane Anderson, American Rivers and Swiftwater Films
Salmon is part of the livelihood of the Yurok Tribe, and what can they do when their supplies go on the decline; how do they survive? Indigenous leaders share why removing four dams to restore a healthy Klamath River is critical for clean water, food sovereignty and justice.

8. Saving Dragons, Produced and Directed by Shivan Parusnath, Nat Geo Explorer
The sungazer lizard is part of the enormous illegal pet trade running through South Africa. We follow geneticist and explorer, Shivan, in his journey to build a tracking system for this rare species. But it won't just be any tracker, it will be their own DNA. His science could change the way South Africa conserves this precious native species.

Seeker will begin collecting film submissions for 2022 consideration. You can apply to be featured by emailing and noting "Seeker Indie” in the subject line.

About Seeker:
Seeker is the #1 science brand on mobile in the U.S. [Nielsen DCR, 2020]. We empower the curious to understand the science shaping our world. We tell award-winning stories about the natural forces and groundbreaking innovations that impact our lives, our planet, and our universe. In December 2016, Seeker joined forces with Thrillist, The Dodo, NowThis and POPSUGAR to form Group Nine Media -- the #1 video publisher on mobile in the U.S. [Nielsen DCR, June 2020].



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