Group Nine Media Unveils New Content Slate at 2018 NewFronts Presentation

Obsessed Superfans including Actor Javier Muñoz, an American Astronaut, a Paralympic Gold Medalist, Animal Experts and Top Chefs Spotlight Group Nine’s Mission to Spark Action.

Group Nine Introduces AI Analytics Wizard GIA to Help Brands Align Their Objectives with Engaged Audiences.

Group Nine Brands Have Become a Beloved Habit for Audiences with Nearly 40 Million Americans Watching Every Single Day.

Fans Spent 2.8 Billion Minutes Immersed in Group Nine Storytelling Last Month - The Company’s Best Month Ever.

NowThis, The Dodo, Seeker and Thrillist Reached Nearly 85% of U.S. Millennials and Over 90% of Americans in Their 20’s Last Quarter, According to Nielsen.
Company Release
May 3, 2018

NEW YORK, NY (May 3, 2018) – Group Nine Media, parent company of digital brands NowThis, The Dodo, Seeker and Thrillist, today introduced its new content slate to advertisers at its 2018 NewFronts Presentation. CEO Ben Lerer, was joined by company executives and an array of devoted fans including an astronaut, athlete, chef, scientist, and animal lover who spoke about their obsession with the brands and their power to spark action.

“Just 18 months ago, we introduced Group Nine to the world and talked about our huge scale and view count,” said Ben Lerer, CEO of Group Nine. “I am humbled to say that we not only continue to have tremendous reach, but more importantly, we’ve developed deep, habitual relationships with obsessed superfans representing the nearly 40 million viewers that welcome us into their lives every single day. All this allows us to to refine faster, leverage better insights and target smarter opportunities for our marketing partners."

At the presentation, President Christa Carone, introduced for the first time - GIA, Group Nine Insights Analyst and AI Wizard. GIA helps Group Nine improve content and publishing performance so that their audience’s interests are reflected in everything they say and do.  “GIA is not only able to apply her data and insights to our content creation,” said Carone, “but is now going to help our advertising partners better align their campaign goals with our audiences. 

Group Nine is one of the top ten most-watched media companies in the world on digital [source: Tubular]. The company reaches 40 million people each dayincluding over 73% of U.S. Millennials and over 80% of Americans in their 20s [source: Nielsen Digital Ratings]. In April, fans spent 2.8 billion minutes immersed in Group Nine storytelling, making it the company’s best month ever [source: internal cross-platform analytics].

Group Nine’s mission is to spark action and make a real difference. The company emphasizes three core strengths: people (we put our audience first in everything we do); platforms (multi-platform digital storytelling is our expertise); and purpose; (we tell stories that spark action).

New programming announced by Group Nine today included the following:


About Seeker
Seeker explains every aspect of our world through a lens of science, inspiring a new generation of curious minds. Our stories make science relatable and parse meaning through the noise in a world of rapidly changing information. We create relentless curiosity with an insatiable drive to question, dream and create.

Seeker Universe
Seeker‘s new multi-platform channel - “Seeker Universe” is dedicated to covering all things outer-space. Seeker will work alongside the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) to uncover and feature exciting research taking place onboard humankind’s greatest technical platform -- the International Space Station. Through this initiative, Seeker will bring the thrill of rocket launches to its viewers, highlight the promise of science in space, and tap into humanity’s inner desire to explore beyond Earth’s horizons.  The new destination is in direct response to Seeker seeing heavy engagement from millennials 18-34 years old spending 3x more time on its outer-space content compared to other topics. 

Seeker Science Fair
A partnership with Facebook &nthology, Seeker Science Fair re-boots this favorite educational activity like never before. The multi-faceted initiative will showcase local science fair finalists, bring their experiments into the digital realm and connect them with fans who will cheer them on live as we turn today’s experiments into tomorrow’s innovations. 

How Close Are We?
Teleportation. Mining the moon. Downloading consciousness. Topics you’d only see in science fiction movies are a lot closer to becoming reality than you’d think. But… How..? Close..? Are...? We..? Join Seeker as we explore, experiment and engage with scientists all over the world to find solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges.

Wild Moms
Based on the hit show, “Wild Sex,” which returns on Facebook Watch this year -  the spin-off “Wild Moms - will launch next week just in time for Mother’s Day. The show is hosted Carin Bondar, expert on animal sex and animal motherhood.

“Move Forward” - Seeker+ Sci/Enterprise Partnership
The Seeker+Sci “Move Forward” campaign launched this week in partnership with Enterprise. The campaign explores how passionate innovators are using technology to improve the most vital function of modern cities, moving around, getting from A to Z and points in between. From infrastructure technology and disaster relief logistics to innovative means of transportation, original content as well as custom content for Enterprise will span Seeker’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter channels. A dedicated content hub on will host all the programming, which will also be repackaged to air on Science Channel and Discovery Channel, as well as SCI GO, Science Channel’s TVE offering. The campaign is capped with Seeker’s first-ever “in real life” consumer experience, “Night at the Museum” in late summer 2018.



About NowThis
NowThis creates news content for the social, mobile generation by informing, entertaining and inspiring its audience about what’s happening and important in the world right now. Launched in 2012, NowThis is the #1 social news brand in the world with more than 2.6 billion monthly views. NowThis has eleven content verticals, including: News, Politics, Entertainment, Future, Her, Money, Sports, Food and more.

NowThis will be launching a new program to break news for Snapchatters worldwide. The show will provide real-time updates and relevant context for younger audiences around breaking events. NowBreaking will cover stories of significant impact that deserve focused, immediate attention in a style that resonates with today’s youth.

Through Our Eyes
Through Our Eyes is a first-person, mini-doc “virtual” reporting series. Through an individual‘s real life experience and perspective, (usually that of a young person), we humanize complicated issues, shattering misconceptions and shedding light on those directly affected them. We give a voice to underrepresented and underserved communities in our country and around the world. Each subject is teamed with a remote NowThis producer who follows and communicates with them virtually over the course of several weeks or months. We document the entire process to create a new form of documentary storytelling for today’s socially connected world.

Eighteen x ’18
Launched last month, Eighteen x ‘18 is a seven-month-long partnership with actress and activist Yara Shahidi. The content program is designed to engage young people  - especially those turning 18 before the midterm elections - in the political process. The goal is to help them understand the issues at stake, encourage them to register and and inspire them to vote. As part of the partnership, Shahidi will join NowThis as a guest editor, where she will contribute original pieces that will run across all of NowThis’ channels. As the campaign’s official media partner, NowThis will dedicate the 18th of every month leading up to the November midterm elections with Eighteen x 18 content takeovers on all of its channels with the goal of educating young people and driving them to register to vote.

Back for season two, the hit show MANE is an exploration of the importance of hair and how it impacts culture in society. MANE explores and documents the trends connecting communities - what defines them and makes them unique. It also gives audiences an inside look into what's hot right now, with expert demonstrations and information.

Home Team
It's more than wins and losses.  Home Team, from NowThis Sports, sets out to demonstrate the incredible power a team can have on the community in which it plays.  We get close to the action and make connections with the players, their families and the communities that roots for them. Seasons 1 and 2 were collaborations between NowThis and the NHL (The Golden Knights & The Florida Panthers, respectively).

Never Seen
We all know superfans of classic shows like Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and the Marvel that can name every scene and offer countless overlooked tidbits. NeverSeen is not about those fans! NeverSeen talks to people who haven’t seen the Red Wedding, never heard of a Porg, and don’t know Loki from Thor. The show captures the hilarious first impressions of unsuspecting novices as they watch iconic scenes from these cultural landmark shows.  



About The Dodo
The Dodo is the number one digital media brand for animal people. It is leveraging the viral potential of animal content and linking it up to a progressive movement that’s becoming more mainstream every day. It’s a mission-driven brand, creating content to embody a cause it’s passionate about. The Dodo is committed to looking at the world through animals’ eyes, and engaging its audience through a combination of fun, authentic, meaningful content that helps pave the way for progress.

Pet Project
This original mid-form series combines everyone’s two favorite things: kids and animals. Preschool and elementary school kids and their best furry friends will take the spotlight and share the adventures and moments that shaped their special relationship. “Pet Project” showcases the remarkable bonds that kids form with their pets very early in life, and promises to be equal parts sweet and adorable.

Dodo Heroes
Airing on June 9th on Animal Planet, The Dodo’s first linear series will feature stories of animals from around the world in need, and the heroes who go above and beyond to do whatever they can to help them. Each episode will document the undeniable bonds that are forged between these animals and the courageous men and women who protect and save them.

Coming Home
Currently, there are over 1.3 million actively deployed military personnel who are away from their friends, family and their most loyal companions. On Veterans Day, The Dodo presents “Coming Home”, a celebratory multi-platform event that honors and tells the captivating stories of soldiers returning home to their beloved pets.

Destination Firsts
There are certain firsts that every dog needs to experience to truly start living: First romp in the snow, first time catching waves, first squirrel chase, first drive with the windows down. Imagine being able to experience all of these firsts in one go, through one newly adopted shelter dog's eyes on an epic cross-country road trip. We’ll be along for the ride as our rescued pup makes up for lost time on the open road with his new best friend.

Comeback Kids Season 3
The Dodo is bringing back its hit series for a third season, featuring determined animals with a lot of heart who manage to beat the odds and make incredible comebacks -- all thanks to the devoted people who refuse to give up on them. Each episode takes viewers on one animal’s individual rescue and rehabilitation journey, and captures what it means to be truly resilient through the stories of these inspiring comeback kids.



About Thrillist
Thrillist means fun; we are the essential resource for how to spend your time and money. We're eaters, drinkers, travelers, and doers. We serve the curious and believe that new experiences are what drive the richest lives. We bring our passion, expertise, and taste to bear on the things that are truly worth your time and money. Life’s for living, and that’s why we’re here. Today will be great.

Amazing Taste
Thrillist is sending food fanatics on an epic adventure to discover the best food, drink, and hidden gems in major cities across America. Three teams (each two local friends who share a passion for feasting on life) are given a list of culinary and adventure related challenges. They have 6 hours to complete as many tasks on the list as possible. The challenges can be anything from run the Halal Guys cart during lunchtime rush to feed David Chang a Pork Bun at Momofuku. At the end of each episode, the team with the most points wins the best dining experience in that city. The winning team from each stand-alone episode proceeds to The Amazing Taste championship finale episode, continuing internationally in search of the world’s greatest foodie explorer.

In Instachef, we go into the homes and kitchens of chefs who ditch the old ways of breaking into the restaurant business by building huge foodie fanbases on Instagram instead.

Thrillist Craves the…
Thrillist will scour the last century (plus) of restaurant dining. The show takes a dish-by-dish dive into the creations that altered the course of food culture in America and informed the way we eat today. From the birth of the Reuben in 1920 Nebraska to the start of the California roll craze in 1960 LA, the need to satisfy our stomachs helped to shape modern history.

Thrillist on Snapchat Discover
This summer, Thrillist will be launching the first regular travel channel on Snapchat Discover. We’ll offer up spontaneous flight deals, explainers on how to pack, tips from locals around the world, and encouragement to live your besttraveling life.

Brew HaHa
Brew HaHa is an interactive stand-up comedy show and party featuring two simultaneous drinking games, one for the audience and one for the comics. The show has a large cult-following in Los Angeles, with over 350 people in attendance at each monthly show in their Silver Lake backyard.

Hotel Thrillist
Hotel Thrillist is our biggest multi-platform program of the year where we create unique content and advertising opportunities focusing on the celebrated city and their culture. While treating Thrillist readers for a seriously epic weekend, we’re able to bring the Thrillist brand to life through an immersive hotel takeover in a key Thrillist market. Past cities have included Austin, Phoenix, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, San Diego, Austin, and Los Angeles. This year, Nashville.

America Takes the Wheel
Also in partnership with Facebook &nthology, Thrillist is inviting millions of our closest Facebook friends to go road-tripping with us again in a new concept called America Takes The Wheel. Each week we head to the most amazing, off-the-beaten-path experiences that make our country so great…from Bollywood bashes to BBQ festivals. The hook? Our audience controls the itinerary by voting -- where we go, and what we do, and we stream live every Saturday afternoon on Facebook Watch.

Thrillist has Your Summer Covered!

Based on popular demand by more than 38 million viewers, we’re bringing our adult summer camp video content to life. Camp Thrillist will have campers lining up to relive their favorite summer traditions in an even bigger and better way as they escape the realities of their everyday lives for a weekend of adventure and outdoor fun. In partnership with Club Getaway, we’ll round out the weekend itinerary with experiences from hiking to swimming, archery to arts & crafts, and so much more.

Thrillist x FTLO Travel - The City Series
This summer, Thrillist is partnering with millennial group travel company For The Love of Travel to bring you the best long weekend trips in ten different U.S. cities. The Thrillist City Series brings together groups of like-minded young professionals from all over for a weekend of exploring the best each city has to offer. We take care of the hotels, transport, food, and activities, so you can explore, connect, and live life to the Thrillist.

About Group Nine Media:
Group Nine Media is one of the world's largest digital-first media companies, boasting over 5B monthly video views and reaching 80% of U.S. adults in their 20s. With nearly 40M viewers each day, the brands have become a daily habit for young people. Group Nine is home to NowThis (the no. 1 most-viewed social news publisher in the world), The Dodo (the no. 1 animal brand on social), Thrillist (the most trusted digital brand in food, drink, travel & entertainment) and Seeker (the no.1 most-engaged science brand on Facebook). Group Nine recently acquired Emmy nominated, Cannes Lion and Sundance Film Festival award-winning production studio, JASH.


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