Group Nine Media to Launch 24 Shows for New Facebook Premium Video Platform "Watch"

New original mid-form programming from Thrillist, NowThis, The Dodo & Seeker developed for Facebook’s new Watch surface
Company Release
August 11, 2017

NEW YORK, NY (August 11, 2017) – Group Nine Media announced today the upcoming premieres of 24 original video series specifically developed for Facebook’s new premium video platform, “Watch.” Each of Group Nine’s four brands (Thrillist, NowThis, The Dodo & Seeker) will produce their own respective Watch shows (a select group of shows described below).

Since forming in December, Group Nine has quickly become one of the world’s top 5 video publishers (Source: Tubular, June 2017) -- boasting nearly 5B monthly video views. Group Nine’s brands have earned that scale by mastering rich storytelling, attracting deep engagement from fans -- with more than 120M social monthly social engagements (up from 70M in January).

"We founded Group Nine on the belief that social networks will look more and more like cable distributors, and we’ve been heads down investing in the team and infrastructure to create premium, original, short and mid-form content built for the distributed web,” said Ben Lerer, CEO of Group Nine Media. “Facebook launching ‘Watch’ is another move that validates everything we’ve been saying and doing since our inception. Our company is built for this.”

Descriptions of select Group Nine shows for Facebook Watch:

Food/Groups (Airing this week as part of the limited launch of Watch)
A brand-new weekly series based on the deep, delicious relationships between different communities, and the cuisines by which they define themselves.

Thrillist Investigates (Airing this week as part of the limited launch of Watch)
Who invented pot brownies? What about the Buffalo wing? How did hip hop and malt liquor get married? Someone must investigate these pressing questions, and do whatever’s necessary -- slip behind the curtain, dive into the past, turn over the right stone(d Tommy Chong) -- to give you the answers. Thrillist’s animated series does exactly that.

Job Goals
This weekly show explores the .001% of the population who earn a living in ways that makes the other 99.999% remarkably jealous. People like marijuana critics, waterslide testers, and ice cream flavor-inventors. How'd they get these gigs? What amazing things do they get to do every day? Every week, Job Goals will bring you the inside scoop on the jobs you wish you had.

Wild Sex (Airing this week as part of the limited launch of Watch)
Nature is wild, but how animals mate is on a whole other level. Using fun animation in this weekly show, we delve deep into all the juicy details about where, why and how wild animals make love.

Focal Point (Airing this week as part of the limited launch of Watch)
Science is happening every day, all around the world. Focal Point is a weekly doc-series that will take you to amazing places and meet curious people who are helping change the way we see and perceive our planet, our universe and beyond.

How Close Are We?
This weekly show offers viewers a comprehensive look at how close we are to solving science’s biggest mysteries and challenges. Episodes will explore questions like when will we have a cure for AIDS, can we bring back the Wooly Mammoth, and how close we are to farming human organs for their benefit.

Comeback Kids: Animal Edition
A weekly show featuring determined animals facing difficult conditions or challenges who meet people who refuse to give up on them. Imagine a dog rescued from an abusive situation meeting his forever family; or a toucan who lost his beak and couldn’t eat meeting a rescuer who has a custom beak designed especially for him. Each episode takes viewers on one animal’s individual rescue and rehabilitation journey, and captures what it means to be truly resilient through the stories of these inspiring comeback kids.

Pet Parent Lifehacks
Weekly tips and tricks for pet parents (i.e. the best pet treat recipes, DIY pet toys, how to de-skunk your dog). Pet Parent Lifehacks is our video guide for pet owners that's 100% focused on keeping your pet healthy and happy - and obsessed with you.

Party Animals
A weekly documentary series that celebrates senior animals who have reached significant milestones in their lives. We’re talking dogs turning 13 and celebrating Bark Mitzvahs, Cat-Quinceañeras, Sweet 16’s and more.

Apocalypse NowThis
The world is going to end one day.  The question is HOW? Apocalypse NowThis, a multi-part series examines the different ways in which life as we know it could be wiped out: from nuclear war, to the rise of the machines, to climate change. We’ll find out how scared we should be, how much time we have left, and if there’s anything we can do to slow it all down.

Getting Doug with High
NowThis brings the irreverently fun celebrity “interview” series to Facebook every week.  Sit down, get comfortable, and see your Hollywood favorites go up in smoke.  This is a production partnership with our friends JASH.

Who Is...
A weekly multi-part miniseries, narrated by top celebrities, that explores the people behind Donald J. Trump, and their complicated, often salacious histories. Episodes will focus on key Trump administration players like Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller, Mike Pence, and more.

About Group Nine Media:
Group Nine Media is one of the world's largest digital-first media companies, boasting nearly 5 billion monthly video views. As the no. 1 most engaging publisher on the social web, Group Nine's brands are built for consumption on the platforms where their millennial-focused audience spends the majority of their time. Group Nine is home to NowThis (the no. 1 most watched video news creator on social), The Dodo (the no. 1 animal brand on social), Thrillist (the most trusted brand in food, drink, travel & entertainment) and Seeker (the digital leader in science and innovation).


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