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We spark action with our audience.

As pioneers in mobile and social-first publishing, we know a thing or two (or nine) about building meaningful content that resonates. As proven experts in video, we connect with audiences in the places that matter, sparking interest and engagement.

Working with us is easy, and, we like to make it fun. We have lots of options to fit your brand goals. Let’s get started.

Ways To

Advertise With Us

NO. 01

Premium Media

We reach 80% of Americans in their twenties, but hey, who’s counting? Tap into our massive scale and guaranteed safety across our O&O and wildly popular social channels. Preroll, takeovers, mid-roll, custom audiences, retargeting - you name it.

NO. 02

Editorial Sponsorships

Our fans drool over our IP (have you watched Really Dough?). Sponsor our coveted shows. Integrate your brand into our storytelling with memorable call outs and product integrations that drive engagement, earned reach and drooling from your target.

NO. 03

Contextualizing Existing Creative

You’ve already spent time and money on creative - let’s make it count. We’ll use our insights and creative expertise to repackage your video in a way that’s hyper-authentic to our chosen brand and audience.

NO. 04

Custom Content Creation

Our insights team analyzes 115,000 views of G9 content PER MINUTE. That means we know what they watch, love and share. Those insights help us craft powerful content that tells your brand story and helps us help you better connect with our fans.

NO. 05

IRL Activations

We know how to throw down like nobody’s business. But it’s your business, so let’s talk about it. We bring your brand to life with thrilling IRL events and content amplification - tap into our influencers, branded tentpoles or build something custom.

We have


Our users invite us into their feeds every day for our award-winning social video content

We are a

Daily Habit

Our users invite us into their feeds every day for our award-winning social video content

We have existing relationships with the

Worlds Biggest Platforms

From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat and more- we have powerful relationships with the platforms that people spend the majority of their time on

Data sources: CrowdTangle, Tubular, Platform Analytics Suites.
Total Daily Engagement

92M Minutes Watched Per Day

Our Insights Engine

GIA, analyzes 115,000 video views per minute, surfacing associations between a brand’s target audience and the content they most frequently consume, like and share. Hyper-specific and depthful, these insights help us make smarter, occasionally even brilliant decisions about content creation and distribution.

laboratory nine

the official audience and insiders community of Group Nine Media.

Group Nine, in partnership with Vision Critical, launched Laboratory Nine to meet our advertisers' custom research needs. Our proprietary audience insights panel of more than 9,000 users helps measure key brand health & impact metrics, content preference, consumption habits, and qualitative feedback.

Reach the right audience at the right time, right now.

A powerful family of brands bound by optimism that touch millions. Reach 148 million visitors monthly through our self service advertising
platform, G9 Access.

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This is an amazing opportunity to make history with us.

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